Script Writing and Editing Services

After years in the comedy industry, one thing we have realised is that there's a wealth of comedy writing talent on the UK comedy circuit.  As part of our service to our clients, we will endeavour to assist any budding  script writers or screen writers through the writing process, and provide free editing and proofreading services. If you aren't a client, and we feel we can't represent you we can edit your script for a fee.  It can be difficult to submit a script to a producer or script commissioner as unsolicited material so we endeavour to ensure that your script is landing on the right desk.   Any scripts we think are worthy of being seen by production companies will be forwarded to the correct industry people.  Our own /lindsey-davies is already an international selling comedy author with her debut novel, 'Mr. Wrong' which can be purchased online

Lindsey has assisted various clients with script editing and direction as well as earning a Masters Degree in the art of writing, editing and submitting scripts.  Please note that if you have written a script, we highly recommend that you register it with the WGA registry for copyright purposes.  Please read the following article for further advice and info

If any comedy writer would like us to look over their novel or script, please send the first ten pages of your manuscript to