Jonathan Mayor 

Jonathan is an extremely, well-respected comedy performer in the comedy community and a seasoned professional amongst some of the biggest LGBT acts in the UK.  Over the years, Jonathan has built himself a valuable career in stand up comedy, LGBT shows, drag shows and Pride Festivals.  A shy demeanour is not applicable to this comedian's bright and unforgettable personality but one thing is for sure - once you have seen Jonathan perform, you will remember him! 

Versatility is one way to describe Jonathan because he has a long list of achievements to date, including a residency at  Cherie Bebe’s Burlesque Venue, a regular for Mother's Ruin, Trans Vegas and numerous LGBTQ arts festivals.  Jonathan's memorable performances have not gone unnoticed as he is also a regular warm up act for Channel 4's 'Countdown.'  His acting talents have led him to play a star role as the Genie in Preston Guild's 'Aladdin,' which is only a small display of his glorious performances - Jonathan is an amazing drag and burlesque act.  Want to know more?  Check out Jonathan's website here

To see only a glimpse of Jonathan's talent, you can see the link...


''Very Funny''  Michael Palin

''Marvellously Wicked''  Sarah Millican

''Charmingly vicious, I don't know how he gets away with it sometimes but audiences love him.''  Jason Manford

''An enjoyable camp slave of the ring - excellent.''
  The Stage