Eddie Fortune

Eddie has been performing on the comedy circuit for six years and is becoming a seasoned performer, treading the boards of some of the most notorious comedy stages in the UK.  An LGBT favourite, Eddie has earned a generous following, especially around the Liverpool and Manchester circuit by selling out his first solo show 'I Hate Being a Waiter'.  Described as 'a comedic tornado' Eddie deservedly earned himself a place in the prestigious Liverpool Comedian of the Year in 2017 as well as having the biggest selling show of the Funny Looking Fringe in Liverpool, also in 2017.   Eddie has performed at some of the most notorious comedy stages in the UK including The Comedy Store, Hotwater Comedy Club, Blackpool's Comedy Station, the Top Secret Comedy Club and Planet Mirth to name a few.   Eddie brings audiences a memorable and explosive performance, which consists of great punchlines, justifiable rants and the vocal range of the most experienced singers.  This is an act that you will most certainly remember!

In December 2019, Eddie sold out his own solo show ''Karen'' at The Liverpool Empire Theatre, proving he is already gaining a fan base and reputation for being a confident solo performer. 


''Eddie has a unique voice based on a unique set of experiences and a laser beamed focus.'Gav Cross - Liverpool Comedy Festival Producer

The comedy equivalent of a tornado - you won't know what's hit you.'Complete Comedy

'' Stunning set tonight, you were the fave of the evening.'HA HA Comedy Club

''Special mention needs to go to Eddie Fortune who smashed the gig - I'd recommend him to anyone.'Comedy Station

To see Eddie's recent performance at The Manchester Comedy Store, click the link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aCekHTfWkg&t=7s