Representing Some of the UK's Finest Comedians, Actors and Writers

Gift of the Gag Comedy Management is an experienced and professional entertainment agency offering comedy management and other services to our clients, including bookings, publishing, script writing training, script editing and progressing careers within the comedy industry. As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability and instincts to discover new talent, progress careers of established and promising comedians, and by developing their portfolios. By understanding clients' skills and career aspirations, we provide guidance and support to our clients, setting them on a path to success. We have over twenty years experience within the comedy and entertainment industry and have gained advantageous knowledge in various aspects of comedy and marketing, including performing, acting, script writing, editing, public relations, digital marketing and business management.  

Gift of the Gag Comedy Management represents acts at headline level and acts who have the potential to reach that level. Contact us regarding comedy nights, writing/script opportunities and potential management.  To get in touch visit our /contact page.